Leslie Ellingberg Yoga
Image of the Heart : Finding the Masterpiece Within

Yogi Times
Yogi Times is a worldwide online magazine that acts as "lifestyle guide for the modern yogi".
"I’m one hundred percent sure the boss, Bruce Springsteen, was not talking about yoga in the song “Dancing in the Dark.” Yoga was probably the furthest thing from his mind when he wrote and recorded that song, but the lyrics could definitely relate to yoga. One day I was taking a walk and this song came on. Over my earbuds the lyrics, “you can’t start a fire without a spark” resonated with me..."
"Meditation isn't so much about emptying the mind, but as one of my yoga teachers, Philip Clift, said, “meditation is not something we do, but a natural state of consciousness that we surrender into". If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Once we surrender to the practice and try to meditate--making it a daily habit--it will eventually become easier and second nature.

But for beginners, starting a daily meditation practice is often the hardest part. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mediate that don’t include sitting on a zafu listening to the sound of silence. Here are five approaches worth a try."

Inside of Knoxville
Written by Alan Sims, AKA Knoxville Urban Guy, Inside of Knoxville is your go-to guide for what is happening in Downtown Knoxville.
"Good Sport Night is probably their favorite event because it is the brainchild of the husband and wife duo. They came up with the idea while The Central Collective was first under construction. They thought 'how fun it would be to organize mystery events where folks buy a ticket and show up to the Central Collective at the designated time, but have no idea what they’re going to be doing'."
"If you have been to the recently opened Kbrew storefront on Broadway, you have seen Broadway Studios & Gallery (BSG) just across the street at 1127 North Broadway. You can grab your iced Americano or honey lavender latte from Kbrew and step over to BSG to see some of the most eclectic artwork Knoxville has to offer. There are sculptures made from recycled materials, traditional cornhusk dolls, Ukrainian eggs, oil paintings, and sculptures. They also have a monthly exhibit or showcase; there is something beautiful to discover each time you visit."
DoYouYoga.Com is the largest yoga community on the internet that provides yoga videos, tutorials, lifestyle tips, and so much more.
"Who remembers being a little kid when time seemed to drag and you always wanted to be older? You couldn’t wait to turn thirteen, you couldn’t wait to get your driver’s license, you couldn’t wait to graduate. As we become adults we long for the slow times. How time was when we were growing up. How are we going to hold on to these moments, and cultivate slowness, when we can’t even sit still long enough to just breathe? That is where yoga enters our lives. We find stillness by practicing yoga. Yoga teaches us presence and mindfulness."
Renegade Yoga Center Blog
Renegade Yoga Center is home to one of Knoxville's most experienced yoga instructors, Philip Clift. Every Friday Renegade Yoga Center shares a post written by their students and/or staff about their own personal yoga practice.
"When I look back at my yoga practice, I see a great deal of growth. My practice today doesn’t
even resemble those first days. I bought my first yoga book when I was ten-years-old because I
watched a Denise Austin workout on it. My grandmother then took me to the library to get a
book about yoga. I thought yoga was so cool because of all those fun poses named after animals."
Tinderbox Fitness Blog
Tinderbox Fitness is a women's only fitness facility located in Winston Salem. Their mission is to inspire, empower, and connect. The instructors and trainers at Tinderbox take turns writing blog posts and sharing their stories, fitness tips, and healthy living. 
"All day long he taught us to draw our awareness to the auspiciousness, the success or favorable moments of everyday life and the beauty that’s around us. Joe also emphasized living, moving, and creating with intention. Between this message, the music, his story telling, the choice of yoga postures, and his spirit, I almost cried in Savasana (resting pose). I had never felt this way before and that moment has continually influenced my life on and off the mat."
Tableau Knoxville Articles
Tableau Knoxville is Knoxville's only digital magazine that covers all things local, fun, and the uniqueness that is Knoxville. Tableau means scene, so you can think of Tableau Knoxville as the digital magazine that paints the scene of Knoxville.
The Modern Southern Woman, Oct 2015
"We have all heard the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words," but have you ever wondered what those words are? One artist is giving words to pictures. Katie Norrell, a local photographer who captures the essence of people and places, is in the early stages of her project about Southern Women and their Dignity (title still in progress). It is her hope that, through her pictures and the stories that these women are telling, she will bring light to various issues, and how women are overcoming adversity or obstacles while being true to themselves. As Katie talks about her project, you almost get the feeling that she is redefining the Southern Belle; getting rid of the make­up, big hair, and walking in high cotton air, and trading it for a stripped down, nitty gritty look at who these women really are."
Farmer's Market Find: Reclaiming Your Roots, Nov 2015
"Roots run deep. They can run deep in soil or be gently exposed. Roots can also run deep in your family, run deep in your blood, deeper than you can even feel. It takes most people many years of searching or exploring till they find their roots. Rachel Millford has found her roots. She has found her roots in her garden and in herself. Rachel is the face and driving force of Reclaiming Your Roots, this month's Farmers Market Find. She grows and farms herbs then makes teas, medicines, syrups, and salves, which she sells at the Farmer's Market and other venues throughout Knoxville."
Find That Perfect Gift When You Shop Local, Dec 2015
The hustle and bustle of the streets are filled with sweet smells of Christmas and the ringing of bells. As you do your own hustle and bustle down those streets, you may hold a hot chocolate in one hand and you definitely have a gift list in the other. As you look down your list you see a variety of people with different interests and you wonder what to get them. Some people may be easy and some are difficult. Or you want a gift that is extra special, something that is tailored or one of a kind to a person on your list. Then look no further than Tableau's Shop Local Gift Guide! I have hustled and bustled around town, searched high and low, fought the pay vs. free parking lots, to make your Christmas or Holiday shopping easy. Not only have I found one of a kind gifts, all these shops are small and local. When you shop small and local not only do you give a gift to a friend or family member, but you gift the local economy and help money stay within Knoxville or East Tennessee. Let's begin shall we?

A New Christmas Tradition: A Review of Circle Modern Dance's Primitive Light
"Primitive Light is as old as Circle Modern Dance, which has shown Knoxville what modern dance is for twenty;-five years, and has been CMD's Christmas show for the past twenty-four years. This year, the performance captured the joy of the season, and highlighted not only the the interpersonal connections of Christmas and the holiday season, but also the human connections of everyday life. This theme showed brightly, not primitively, throughout this year's production. Circle Modern Dance directors, Callie Minnich and Lauren Wilson Phillis, led a cast of twenty-;seven dancers (ten which are core members), nine choreographers, and a live band into the audience members' hearts."

Roasted, March 2016"Knoxville has a booming coffee culture with a variety of coffee shops offering different explorations and methods of coffee. I have lived a life like T.S Eliot's J Alfred Prufrock and measured my life in coffee spoons over the past month visiting various shops in different areas of Knoxville. From South Knoxville to Farragut, there is a coffee shop waiting for you."