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"I wanted to try yoga for a long time, but was afraid to try classes because of my inexperience and worries that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with others – or that I’d fail to be able to do some of the poses. I also wanted a holistic experience, not just a workout. I decided to take a chance and try Leslie’s beginner’s class, and am so glad I did! She demonstrates each pose and explains its purpose and its meaning, then guides her students into the pose. She makes adjustments and modifications for those who need it. Leslie watches her students with a careful eye and corrects improper positions to prevent injury. I’ve learned a lot from Leslie, enough that I feel comfortable practicing some poses at home, but I continue to take her classes because there’s more to learn and poses to grow into – and because I really enjoy her classes and her company! "
~Stephanie Romer

"I took one of Leslie’s classes when I was just starting my yoga practice. I attended her classes every week, and during that time she taught me how to be open minded with my practice but she always wanted to know what I wanted to focus on each week. She does a wonderful job of teaching proper alignment and body mechanics with each pose. Her background in this area definitely shines bright. Leslie also taught me a lot about breathing practices and meditation. She suggested books and readings to help further my knowledge, as well. Since starting my yoga practice I have become much more flexible and toned.  I am so thankful for all she has taught me! Leslie is such a nurturing, down to earth, pleasant, open person, and a true joy to learn from!"
~Leslie Anne Burchell

"Leslie is an amazing yoga instructor. She is knowleagable about the different parts of the body and how to use yoga to produce total body workouts-strength, flexbility, and mind-body awareness encompass each of her classes. Leslie swithces up the poses to keep the workout fresh and fun. She has a delightful personality that enhances her classes.  I have certainly benefited from her wonderful videos which she often sends out.  Her blogs are most interesting and well written.  I have enjoyed every class with Leslie for the two years she has been in Oklahoma City."
~Cherie Dennis

"I have worked with Leslie as she's used The Central Collective (a mixed-use creative space in North Knoxville) for her classes and she's always been prompt, professional and fantastic to work with.  She has an eye for detail and is always responsive.  Moreover, I've taken both public and private yoga lessons from Leslie and really appreciate her personalized touches.  She's a real gem of a teacher!"
~Dale Mackey, owner of Dale's Fried Pies & Co-Founder of The Central Collective


"I absolutely love my Parama Plan! It’s so nice to have a template of yoga poses/moves that was put together specifically for me and my body. Not only does this plan include help for my physical issues, it also has really good suggestions for self care that were hand picked by Leslie specifically for the things I struggle with. Having this plan really simplifies my yoga practice and I know that I’m practicing poses that will help my body. The poses and sequence of poses that Leslie put together helps my body heal after my high impact kickboxing workout. I also love that if I can’t get to the gym, I can whip out my Parama Plan and get some movement in." ~Anne Bradford Spencer 


"I love working out with Leslie. She really listens to me and customizes the workouts to address what is going on with my body that day. She is extremely knowledgeable and has truly been a blessing during my pregnancy." ~Sarah Brown


"I  thought it {Prepare for Lift Off} was very thorough. I liked how you are giving other options to build your ability to fly instead of 1,000 chaturanga (like most yoga studios do). You were also very good at explaining why we were doing something or explaining how the moves were similar to what we do during an arm balance. I thought the Navasana (boat) with a twist is a brilliant way to warm up for side crow. I've never thougth of that before." ~Sabrina Lecinskii